Deleting allll of my third party CC because PETS.  Never got it to work, but am giving it another shot because everything works now except CAS.

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landscapets3sims 3prato di livori

I’ve been simming for 12 years.



this is me.

I miss the newbies.

Same here :)

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As the Pixel Turns: I Made A Thing?


As I’ve said before, the patterns at are just screaming out to be multichannel Sims 3 patterns. Everything I’ve worked on so far (and will share at some point) has been 1 channel, so I tried my hand at something more complicated.

More Elephants by zombiebex was my test pattern

quite possibly the cutest toddler i've ever had in sims 3with his Memawsims 3my simsts3simblr